Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary is one of the nation’s most treasured areas, thanks to its rich abundance of marine mammals, seabirds, fish, and thriving invertebrate communities. The Olympic Coast is one of North America’s most productive marine regions, supporting some of the highest biodiversity on the west coast and sustaining Native American tribes for thousands of years. Since time immemorial, the vibrant contemporary cultures of the Hoh Tribe, Makah Tribe, Quileute Tribe and Quinault Indian Nation have lived on and cared for the lands and waters of the Olympic Coast, reflecting their deep and abiding connection to this special place. More recent residents and visitors are drawn to the Olympic Coast as well. Whether it's a first encounter with a tide pool or the experience of many generations, the Olympic Coast has shaped communities' identities, cultures, and livelihoods over time. Today, fishing, transportation, and recreation are central to the Olympic Coast's economic health and community well-being. Discover what it means to have an Olympic Coast way of life.